Notre Dame

Another gorgeous day in Paris!


Haut de gamme sur l'Avenue Kleber

I just love stumbling upon these sort of street scenes in Paris - everything from the classic Inglesina pram, to the Fragonard shopping bag, to the leopard print coat is high-end French style. Even the baby is decked out in a fur-trimmed ensemble from Tartine et Chocolat. It's a nice start to a Saturday morning.


Azzedine Alaia

If you're familiar with Azzedine Alaia, you understand perfectly Cher's distress at the thought of laying down in a greasy parking lot wearing one of his creations. 

This Tunisia-born couturier came to Paris in the late 1950s, and he has been a staple on the fashion front ever since. Although Alaia has no boutiques and refuses to advertise, his dresses are worn by celebrities, models, and society women the world over. Known for his ability to cut cloth, his signature style is marked by highlighting the shape of a women with only fabric and no adornments. The exposition runs through the end of January.


La Toussaint

I woke up this morning to the sound of church bells ringing throughout my neighborhood. It's All Saints Day and, even though I saw some scary people in the metro last night, this holy day is celebrated in France far more than All Souls Day or Halloween. Offices, shops, and museums are closed, transportation is limited, and most people plan to spend the day with their family. 

All Saints Day was instituted as a day of remembrance by Pope Gregory IV in 835 AD. Tradition calls for visiting the grave sites of deceased family members, leaving a bouquet of chrysanthemums, and then going to Mass to pray for their souls.